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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From the "Technolust" department:


Apple just announced a new temptation...the iMac G5. It's ironic...I'm blogging from LAVC and this computer lab here has a whole slew of all-in-one P4 boxen that look a lot like the new iMac G5 but are not Oh yeah, and check out the price of that puppy too.

Here's the link to it...this is just too leet for words. Take a look at the price of it. Compare it with the remanufactured Gateway POS. For a little more money, a lot more style, eh? And a lot more zoom-zoom...particularly once Mac OS X.4 "Tiger" comes out and kicks that G5 into full 64 bit action.

Maybe someone would like to get me this for a graduation gift? Heh...