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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

OK, one other thing. My friend Beep is very into Astrology. I am fairly skeptical about it, but notice that sometimes it is eerily synchronous with things that happen in my life. Perhaps the reason why is because so many people throughout the world believe in it. All that mental energy might be at the core of it.

Which brings me to a bit of news from this astrology site that Beep pointed me to, which explains a lot about my current (bleah) state of affairs:

Neptune square Sun: Temporarily paralyzed

7 August 2004 until 5 January 2005: This can be a period of confusion and uncertainty in which your life direction becomes unclear. Even if you have previously felt that you knew what you were doing and why, now you may encounter circumstances that force you to question your assumptions. Your will may seem to be temporarily paralyzed, and you won't have your usual energy. In fact, this influence can coincide with times of low physical vitality and low psychological energy. For this reason you should avoid unnecessary physical stress and follow good health habits to maintain strong overall resistance to illness.

But it is much more likely that this influence will result in disorientation, as alluded to above. You may experience disappointments in your work, career or even in your home life that make you feel defeated and dispirited. Certainly you may suffer defeats during this time, but these defeats occur only when you do somethint that is not a true reflection of yourself. Because your total energy as a human being is not behind your actions, you don't push through with the vigor that would guarantee success: hence your failure.

Yeah, that sounds about right. :(

There is so much up in the air right now...I don't know if I have been approved for financial aid or whether the "approval revoked" status is permanent. I don't even know how well or how poorly I did on that math test. All will become clear on Monday when LAVC opens its doors again. Until then, this uncertainty and these setbacks are driving me nuts. Financial weirdness doesn't help either. And this environment, if this "information" (or speculation based on the way the planets appear to us in the sky) is to be regarded with anything other than total skepticism, will last all through Fall Semester 2004.

I don't need this, man...I really don't. Bleah.