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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

From the "No duh!" department:

A Republican Congressman from Nebraska, Rep. Doug Bereuter, has stood up and said what about half of the US already believes and what the other half is in denial about. The Iraq War was a mistake.

I'd call this a ballsy move on Rep. Bereuter's part, until you get to the rest of the story. You seem, Bereuter is retiring next month after 26 years of service, and some are saying this is all sour grapes because Bereuter didn't get the appointments to leadership positions in the House of Representatives he wanted. Sour grapes or not, Bereuter really doesn't have very much to lose as someone who is giving up his seat in a month.

However, I hope that this might be a sign that some people on the GOP side are beginning to rethink the war. Maybe someone with some real cojones will stand up and say something. You'd think John McCain would be the one to do it, but apparently he's now gotten religion or something and is actively campaigning for W. Someone come forward and mention the nakedness of Emperor George! Please!