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Monday, August 16, 2004

OK, I'm now fully covered for my books for Fall 2004. I would like to thank Tom Reed, Cousin Wendie Goode and Cousin Brad Goode, for all their help in getting me hooked up with the stuff I need for this Fall. I am still waiting on word from Financial Aid about this coming school year. Have to keep my fingers crossed.

I'm breathing a little bit easier now that the books have been taken care of. On the Community College level, books are the worst expense. I suppose if I hadn't gotten my fee waiver the per-credit expense would be about neck-and-neck with book fees. And some money can be shaved off of the cost of books by going through places like Amazon.Com and eBay.Com.

Now comes the hard part...making the grade. I did well the last two semesters but I can't get complacent. Then, in a year, I will be transitioning to Woodbury University and upper-division undergraduate work. Even after that, I won't be through. The credentialling process can take as long as two more years.

Reinventing yourself takes hard work.