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Friday, June 04, 2004

Didn't go to the Opinion Research place today...the heat was too strong, and also I was in need of clean laundry. Got some of it done, but since one of the two dryers downstairs in the laundry room is busted, I was unable to run more than a couple of loads. I could go to the laundromat...there are a few in the neighborhood...but the idea of sitting around waiting for laundry to get done and wasting time doesn't necessarily appeal to me.

This weather has been hell on my exercise routine. I'm feeling out of shape now since I haven't had a workout in about a week. Not only is it hot, it's not the typical "but it's a dry heat" Valley hot.

I'm watching this Dateline NBC show, and I'm not liking what I'm hearing about how easy it is to socially engineer hotel personnel into giving up personal information and even to get let into a room. I'd better keep my laptop computer with me 24/7. :P Don't trust's the article: