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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Tonight was a family get-together...third night of Chanukah. It's funny, the more I age the more I enjoy these kind of things. I used to hate them...hate the criticism, hate the family politics. But it seems everyone is mellower now. I suspect it has a lot to do with a lot of loss between the bad old days and now. Much of my family isn't around anymore. And those who are seem to have a bit more of an understanding about the impermanence of life, and the need to enjoy people while they are still around. It was also cool seeing the youngest members of my family growing up...they are all in the 2-3-year-old range. There was a bit of a "baby boomlet" among some of my cousins. And love seems to be in bloom for other cousins of mine. The circle of life, and all that crap...hey, it's not so bad. Just so long as I'm not the one having to deal with the nuts-and-bolts of raising them. ~_^