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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Yes, I'm beginning to think this is the new home for my blog. Nobody can hassle me about not having comments turned on, because apparently you *can't* comment here. The web interface is lovely, and I can use little bits and pieces of HTML in here to do things you can't do in text, like set up links that pop open a new window instead of take you off my blog.

Yes, this is a big long URL. So sue me. I'm thinking of setting up to redirect here rather than serve as an alias for But is easy to remember. It's a lot to type, true. But it is easy to remember.

Anyway...this damn flu is almost over, I have a two-week hiatus from school to enjoy before I go back in for Winter Intersession (a three credit course in a I nuts? Obviously.) and after that, Spring Semester in February.

Today is probably going to be uneventful at best and boring at worst. Still, it's better than hectic which is what today is probably going to be for most red-blooded Americans. It *is* the last weekend before Xmas, and Chanukah is in full effect. And of course, there's Kwanzaa and Oshogatsu coming up. Ladies and gentlemen, start your shopping engines...