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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I picked a truly WRONG time to be sick. Not that anytime is the right time, but this is the totally worst time, man.

The reason why I haven't posted much is because I've been struggling mightily with a stomach flu that became a full-on flu. I've never had that happen...stomach bugs usually stay stomach bugs, and flus usually stay flus. But it happened to me.

I think that's why I was so addle-pated this last week. This was just coming on and it was screwing with my cognitive abilities first. The almost-all-nighter I did on Saturday Night was the last straw, and my body said "OK, you wanna play rough, huh? Try this, biotch..."

Anyway, I think I turned a corner as of this morning. Food is starting to seem tasty to me again, not just "Food? What a concept!" I don't feel as bloated, although I'm still experiencing the trots big time and food seems to not stay in my system very long. The worst was the achiness from last night...if someone offered me Heroin while I was trying to get to sleep with my neck and shoulders crying Ave Maria and shooting pains down my arms, I would have taken them up on it. Flu achiness is knows where your pre-existing injuries are and makes them flare up big time. I have to say this was the worst pain I've felt since I had gallstones. I finally braved taking Ibuprofen after downing a yogurt...I was trying to avoid the stuff because my guts were already torn up. The Ibuprofen took the jagged edge off but didn't completely get rid of the pain.

Oh yeah: I had a 100 degree temp last night. Not significant for most, but when your normal body temperature is 97.5 or 97.7, 100 is significant.

If this had only been able to be held at bay until the second week of May, though. The timing hurts. By the second week of May, Spring 2006 session at Woodbury would be in the books. :P